Wednesday, March 7, 2018

coming up: Thursday Poets Rally Week 86....International Nutrition month in april (March 28, to April 30, 2018)

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international nutrition month in Free Verse, poetry...

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2017 is a year we did a elegant job for nutrition...fitbit, travel, and song /melody writing

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poetry and story inn fridays week 14, short story slam week 84

Image result for phoebe cates  Pheobe Adele  Gates, daughter to
Microsoft Inc.  William Henry bill Gates and Melinda Gates,

her siblings include rory john Gates, Jennifer Katharine Gates,
her father has siblings,  Michelle Obama, Bruno Wu, Susan Dell
her mother's siblings:  Kyle Torke, Katherine Drexel, Elaine Adams, Larry Page, Mac Hyman, Cythia Aziz,

  jeff bezos,
brother, mark bezos, or bob young, they control,, ebay....Washington post...

Image result for michelle obama and family  malia obama, michelle obama, barack obama, sasha obama

Image result for bruno wu and yang lan    bruno wu and yang lan

Image result for susan dell  michael dell and susan dell

Image result for john shegerian  barack obama and john shegerian

Image result for larry page   larry page, relative to Alex Zhu, Daifang Zhu,

Image result for mac hyman       mac hyman, married sister of wu  wenhui...relative to abe wu, alison wu

Image result for bill gates and melinda gates  bill gates and melinda gates

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