Thursday, March 29, 2012

Florida=Christopher Francisco+Lori+Brad Henry+Linda+Panda(s)

Florida Disney World, Temple University,
These are cool...When it comes to
Elections, Florida is key to win, Ji still remember
the time when Gorge W. Bush and All Gore compete
in Florida to win the 2000 election, it is sad that
only one candidate wins, America shall practice
Co-Presidency, that way, leadership is stronger.

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Germany = G-Man+ Jennifer Aniston+ Emma Watson+David Schmidly

According to Asya I. P., Germans walk naked
at public pool...Audie Murphy hates Germans,
...Math Department at Oklahoma State University
has about three individuals from Germany known
to Ji, Professor Hermann Burchard has been
her instructor for 3 classes, she learned
a lot from him on linear and non-linear programing.
Good Luck, Jeremy Lin.

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Utah= Jewel Yan+Tom Wu+Noha+Amy Tan+Mo Yan


Holge Zoo at Salt Lake City has many creative presentations, Tom Wu, 2001

Jiahong was invited to give a talk at Utah,
the family drove their way through,
passing Colorado mountain valleys,
Lots of blind tunnels and twists and turns
in the middle, Jingle took Sheng and Tom
to Holge Zoo in Salt Lake city
while Jiahong attended mathematical
conference at a resort hanging on
a mountain cliff.

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