Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Peace by Kathryn Tyler King

Men cry peace, peace and there is no peace to be found
From the ivy covered walls of well-founded Universities,
to the worn, torn buildings of countries that know only war,
to the planes that travel never knowing if it’s safe,
to those children bedraggled by wars never ending scars,
to the streets of the city where it’s never safe to walk,
to the gates of the President where only shouts of hate come,
to the tables in Paris with men uncertain of their seats,
to a country Czechoslovakia, which once was peaceful, not now,
to the campuses of this country that want to take control,
to children dying here in free America by shots that fired,
to our very homes where families are murdered while asleep,
to that war in Viet Nam that has killed more men than W.W.II.
Men cry peace, peace and there is no peace to be found.
Wake up to this farce of a word that only dents the wall.
Wake up to the truth that peace will never come by men’s ways.
Wake up America for we know only of one kind of peace.
Wake up for our time is but short and what has to be said here.
Wake up from your sleep and deceived minds to think it so.
Wake up for peace comes not when men’s hearts are filled by hate.
Wake up for you see peace, real peace comes from God above.
Wake up for God shall give peace, an unlimited amount to all.
Wake up and see for yourselves that there’s no peace on earth.
Wake up to the fact that peace won’t come over the table but,
wake up and know peace comes first to the seeking heart.
Wake up America and look only to God for those personal squabbles.
Wake up to the truth that that He will tranquilize as no other.
Men cry peace, peace and there is no peace to be found.
Pray that God will hear our cry for peace and come as he said.
Pray for His Son to come and hurry for never was He needed so.
Pray for an end to deceiving men with tongues that only utter lies.
Pray that this nation and others would depend wholly on God.
Pray that we as Americans can seek His guidance and strength.
Pray that there would be an end to quarrels, bickering and,
Pray that we would be bound together in love that is divine.
Pray for the shield of truth and armor of light and a sword.
Pray that we might be counted when the roll is called up yonder.
Pray for God’s might and power would be shown these months.
Pray that His power would be given as He promised to us weak.
Pray that God’s peace will come quickly and He will not delay.

Image Credit: Google.com