Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Duck of The Show

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the way an elephant goes slow,
walking the tight rope in front of everybody
the duck of the show,
from a uniformly convergent day
has touched my heart,
a shift of sentiments,
and my sorrows diverge apart
under the knowledge of unexpected excitement.


  1. You're right life can be tough, but how we handle it can make one weaker or stronger. I'd like to think the way I've handled my life has made me much stronger and if on occasion I feel the weakness attempting to take over I have my friends and family to lean on and to help me become even stronger.
    I quite enjoyed reading. May your weekend be blessed!

  2. smart metaphors, you help me see things more wisely.

  3. love the elephant on the rope image.

    a fantastic story.

  4. I so love the images you draw here .. one's sorrow at times can be managed to put at bay ..