Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jin Tian De An Quan Si Kao (Safe Manner) By Adrienne Haywood Kittleman

To use our voice
as the gift a bird has,
is something to rejoice
when life offers a choice.
To give and receive, not pass,
makes the world a feast, not a fast,
Feed the soul with hope,
Convey the security like a pope.
Our education so vast,
From north pole to south pole-
we live in worlds of contrast,
never long to be bored.
Considering what to share,
In competition that makes us dare,
To use our intellects, so deep,
in hopes of success to reap.
Health, wealth, poverty, and justice,
Contain wisdom seldom seen,
Only felt, among the babes weaned
from textbooks to columnists.

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