Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Epiphany By Maryanne Hannan

It was Einstein who said
either nothing is a miracle,
or everything is-
a jagged mountain range,
lilacs in bloom,
a peacock unfurled,
sun on your arm,
the touch of a stranger.
Take your pick: be surprised
by nothing at all
or by everything that is.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Segament of Thanksgiving Week in San Francisco Area (Old Golden Mountain City)

pilots, assistants,
services, feedbacks,
seat belts,  booklets, routines.
golden gate bridge,
surfing bodies, waves, seagulls,
fishing men, bikers.
San Francisco bay,
San Bruno, San Jose, you choose.
performing arts rock.
West coast city tour,
Tug boats, island, and redwood
empire, lots of views.
Millbraeo, south 101,
Van Nes, Almano rental cars,
Agreements, payments, trains.
Days INN, Shanghai Snack,
Chicken, beef stew, and bamboo
hot tea, plain rice, Great.
El Camino Real,
So many motels and dinning,
Western, Asian, Fun.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving....

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Catechism, 1958 by W. M. Ransom

She hovered hooded, blue-eyed:
"what happens to those souls
who take their own lives?"
Your eyes inspected your desk, hopelessly,
"Stand when called upon!"
Your so-white hands
shook like ginkgo leaves,
Breathless tears moved you slowly to the door.
I sat, quiet as packed dirt.
"If you leave this room,
keep on going."
Years behind those flooded eyes
your father dangled like a burrnt moth
from a noose in our old tree house.
Both of us keep on going.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

City By Joseph Bruchac

There are seeds within the tide
Unmarked by season
rainbows of oil
The glitter of metal
and in soft crepe decay
fish are sinking.
Wind touches the roof
of the bay,
Snow bursts
into icy leaves
The mouth of the river
turns into smoke
and becomes the city.