Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Segament of Thanksgiving Week in San Francisco Area (Old Golden Mountain City)

pilots, assistants,
services, feedbacks,
seat belts,  booklets, routines.
golden gate bridge,
surfing bodies, waves, seagulls,
fishing men, bikers.
San Francisco bay,
San Bruno, San Jose, you choose.
performing arts rock.
West coast city tour,
Tug boats, island, and redwood
empire, lots of views.
Millbraeo, south 101,
Van Nes, Almano rental cars,
Agreements, payments, trains.
Days INN, Shanghai Snack,
Chicken, beef stew, and bamboo
hot tea, plain rice, Great.
El Camino Real,
So many motels and dinning,
Western, Asian, Fun.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving....

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