Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In The Carolinas By Wallace Stevens

The lilacs wither in the Carolinas.
Already the butterflies flutter above the cabins.
Already the new-born children interpret love
In the voices of mothers.
Timeless mother,
How is it that your aspic nipples
For once vent honey?
The pine-tree sweetens my body
The white iris beautifies me.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nast Wheeland

Editor Whedon used to carry
At the head of his editorial colimn
for Motto: " The home against the saloon."
and all of his life he stirred them up,
and wrung their noses to make them fight.
They quarreled to be sure, and seemed at war,
But really at heart they were always friends.
For when the battle was over, the field
was swept, it seemed, of the vile saloon,
and the home had captured the vile saloon,
And take him in to nurse his wounds,
And had hime, petted from cellar to garret,
where home made beer and home made wine
and Whisky distilled from corn and potatoes
were served as freely, as once they were served
in Burchard's roaring grog shop?