Friday, April 19, 2013

Too much of Love by Eric Steven Sergey

 The oxygen that gives me breath, the food
That I must eat, the water that I drink
Are life’s essential elements, so good
And pure in form but, then, I need to think
That too much of these things can threaten life:
Oxygen burns and water drowns and now
Obesity from too much food is rife
Within our modern world and so, somehow
I must consider if your love is like
Those necessary requisites which I
Need to survive and, if it seems to strike
Me that a surfeit might cause mine to die,
I must distance me from you to save my heart
From suffering a shock. So, shall we part?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Y... Food for the soul by Aufie Zophy

Food for the body

I know of men, who do not have enough,
Lacking food and drink, their life is rough
Day in, day out they struggle for food
There is no time for any other good

Food for the ego

I know of men who have enough food and drink
So they have time for something else to think
Their egos are hungry for money, power and fame
Getting more, being restless, an endless game

Food for the soul

I know of men who are contented with how they live
They focus on soul and never cease to give
To give love and support, perform acts randomly kind
They are the ones who have at any time peace of mind