Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sand by Ninotaziz: A Talented Poet Who Blogs

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In a quiet space at the far corner of the world, there are no humans. The universe is still wondrous magic. The red sun gives way to the red moon, for the earth, though beautiful, is still suffering the dust that mankind leaves behind after a day's hard work. At polluting the air. The winds. The desert.
sand drops silently
into the desert of moons
witness to starburst
In the green verdant lush forest deep in the jungle, there are no humans. The tree canopies open up to the skies of flurrying clouds. The brooks give way to streams to rivers, laboring under the burden of progress that mankind deems so necessary. Polluting the river. The seas. The oceans.
tear drops with a splash
into the yawning ocean
gasping for air -
In the mindless stream of the digital consciousness, there are no humans. The internet is the wondrous highway that connects us all in a mysterious manner. Revolution gives way to revelation to renaissance of thought. Youtube, new media and twitter find their way to be relevant. Polluting the mind. The soul.
sable tombe -
dans le désert de lunes
voit la nuit étoilée


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