Thursday, September 19, 2013

Love In and Above Water

Emotions tumbling in like a surf,
A folder of kisses, swirling millions,
Delightfully crumbling away into the air,
Observing this, how could the seashell
hide the secrets of the past's romance?
The red cliffs hang still,
facing the strong tides
from the southern sea,
Into the ocean of light,
The spirit wades at the shore
like a child doing horse-back
riding on the pasture,
Breeze soft as rose petals,
 Mouthy spume unfeathering into air,
Lingering like scent of love,
The feel is brighter than dusk,
with feet keeping pillowed
against the horse chest,
The road extends, quietly,
In and away from water,
Everything rolls smoothly,
or better!