Monday, April 21, 2014

Charleston: The Hot (Popular) Ketchup In West Carolina and West Virginia

The chocolate factory movie is fun,
The Manhathan road map is well done,
The statue of Liberty of Freedom Nushen,
The Ellis immigration museum is winsome platform.

Australia has winter at the month of June,
Minisota has Fall at the month of October,
Juilliard School of music and Hotel June,
that means Kennith Jackson and Tiger Woods...

We consider Charleston at West Carolina a super star,
Charleston at West Virginia a handsome Diamond,
Don't underestimate Bill de Blasio and Washington Post writers,
Don't assume that New Yoker and New York Times belittle Charleston
  as Houston, San Diego, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Evanston notice Edmond.

Let's celebrate these names in bottles of ketchup (Tomato Sauce):

William Courtright, Earl Ray Tomblin, Danny Jones, Nikke Haley, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama,
Pat McCrory, Mike Rawlings, Deb-Anne Smith, Mimi Schapiro, Jill Herzag, Tom Corbett,
Sheng Woo, Jerry Brown, Robert Boyce, Chuck Reed, Pat Quinn, Rick Perry, David and Shida
Henneberry,  Michael Henneberry, Angel Teveras, Steve Job, Lee Leffingwell, Andrew Cuomo,
Betsy Price, Jim Smith, Chelsea Clinton, Barbara Park, Marc Brown, Amy Tan, Megan Turner,
Glenn McConnel, Joe Riley, Myrtle Charleston, Christopher Lewis, Chris Raun, Bret Nida, Jack Turner,
Steeve Bullock, Matt Mead, Christian Fallin, Mitch Landrieu, Mick Cornett, Bob Farrel Black,
Peter Marks, Sharon Machabee, Ginger Farley, Tara Miller, Todd Palin, Darla Shelden, Denise Warren, Mo Farah, Mark Hosenball, Tony Huang, Justin Penter Wood, Yan Zhang, Pham Hien.

 Charleston has many powerful tours:

Power Alley Grill
Mary Snow West Side Elementary School,
Craik Patton House Fort Sumter, Drayton Hall, Middleton Place,
South Carolina Aquarium,
Magnolia Plantation and Garden,
Two Hour custom charter Boat
Dophin Watch, Light house, and Shelling Tour
charleston Ghost and Graveyard Tours
Folly Beaches, Alex and Ani, The Pink House,
Kiawah Island Golf Resort,  Fazio's,
Kirby and Lane At Aaron Snow Photography,
Color Vibe at West Virginia,
Old Slave Mart Museum,
Splash Island Water Park,
Frankie's Fun Park,
The Charleston museum,
Gibbes Museum of Art...

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