Wednesday, May 28, 2014

FIu at Florida

A few days ago, Justin mentioned one
of his working buddies at mathematics
from Florida, I accidentally bumped onto
his webpage today, feeling amazed at
the beauty of Florida, and the inspiring
nature of the university- Florida
International University...
ChongSheng Cao,
PhD of Mathematics, 1999.
University of California, Irvine;
Department of Mathematics
Florida International University…

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Birthday Poem by Megh Sahni Holm

Here's a wish for happiness
And many dreams come true
Not only on your Special Day
But always - all life through
Here's a Birthday greeting
Specially to show, how much
You mean although you surely know
That without a doubt
There's no one nicer Or anyone dearer
Sending a greeting on your birthday
For an extra special day,
And wishes for a year ahead
That brings much happiness your way

Best wishes on your birthday,
And throughout the coming year.

May your spirit keep the freedom
Of a butterfly in spring,
And may your heart be filled always
With the joys of simple things.
May your essence claim the freshness
Of the new laid morning dew.
All of this... and more...
Is my birthday wish for you.
Hope lovely surprises are coming your way
To make your Birthday a Wonderful day

A simple celebration, a gathering of friends;
Here is wishing you great happiness,
A joy that never ends.
May this birthday be
just the beginning of a year
Filled with happy memories,
Wonderful moments and shining dreams.

Today take time for you, and enjoy
Every little thing you do.
Sending warm and loving wishes,
Of happiness and cheer,
And everything you need to start,
Another happy year

It is not being in love that makes me happy
But it is being in love with YOU
that makes me pretty.
Because you're the gift in my life,
I give you my gift of love because
You are my best friend.

My heart for you will never break.
My smile for you will never fade.
 My love for you will never end.