Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oh! My Amelia


Oh Amelia
Your eyes are so bright
When I look at you
I wana drown indside

Amelia, when you run and you play
I watch you but from far far away
I feel in haven and God has made my day

Amelia, your face is of an angle
Sister of the moon and the stars come to play
They shine for you, they shine for you night and day

Amelia, your soul is so pure and devine
When you look at me with that smile
It kills me everytime, I wana know what goes on inside

When days are lonely and I am so down
I see your picture and I close my eyes
You take me some place far from this life
Where faries are dancing and the moon is serving wine

Oh my Amelia, you are the purpose of my life
You give me the strength that gets me through the night
I hear your name, I get tickled down my spine

Amelia, you are my angel
My guiding light
Oh! how will I ever part with you
Even upon my demise
Nick Kler