Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ABC Wednesday: V is for velocity

When it comes to the word V,
We often think of vines, vivid imagery, or victory,
Today I consider V as a physical term,
V is for Velocity,
This implies the ratio between displacement and time taken
When you sit at a figure skating game,
You see ice, 
You see figure 8,
You see jumping bodies,
But you feel grand to see V in people’s faces.
V is such a special letter to begin with,
The Velocity in a sport’s feet is vital,
The blood running through that being also has impacts on Veins
And it indeed says something individual:
V is for nerve, expertise, speed, horizontal
And vertical movements intertwined with skills.
V is in the force your feet step on gas petals,
V is in the thoughts your brain generates under specific circumstances,
V is the answers you write on exam papers,
V is the dreams you unintentionally launch in your sleep,
V is the pace you radiate your energy toward outer space.