Tuesday, January 27, 2015

my man refuses to see me in the eye

my man refuses to look at me in the eye,
my friends scream at my ear,
my sons give an upsetting cry,
and disagreements bug me too much, my dear.


my father scolds me a lot,
my mother gets sick and hurt,
my opponents reminds me of her plot,
and I seem having an urge to be dead.


any suggestions? secure communications?
no matter what happens, false or true,
don't focus on bad assumptions,
believe that folks do love you for sure.


Thursday Poets Rally Week 79: January 14-January 27, 2015 (5th anniversary celebration)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Eureka Goce's Teardrops



Lauren Kate refuses to talk in public,
Steven Jobs refuses to work without a project,
Alan Breton refuses to become a father,
Eureka Goce refuses to cry even if
                                  she is threatened to die.
everyone has some restriction on one's own,
The circumstances may not come without conditions,
Lisa Middleton chooses to be a tech bug,
Mish Obama is a natural fashionist and public Champlain speaker.
Restriction brings frustration,
Eureka Goce survives once
she decides to weep,
Steven Jobs opens Apple company
as soon as he receives an offer from a Mountain View computer shop,
Frank Huang smiles after he has a google position
    as solid as Sheng Wu..
Teardrops roll,
Not necessarily for mercy,
Laughter rings,
Not always from heart,
Mixed emotion surfaces,
that's life's soy source.