Sunday, January 18, 2015

Eureka Goce's Teardrops


Lauren Kate refuses to talk in public,
Steven Jobs refuses to work without a project,
Alan Breton refuses to become a father,
Eureka Goce refuses to cry even if
                                  she is threatened to die.
everyone has some restriction on one's own,
The circumstances may not come without conditions,
Lisa Middleton chooses to be a tech bug,
Mish Obama is a natural fashionist and public Champlain speaker.
Restriction brings frustration,
Eureka Goce survives once
she decides to weep,
Steven Jobs opens Apple company
as soon as he receives an offer from a Mountain View computer shop,
Frank Huang smiles after he has a google position
    as solid as Sheng Wu..
Teardrops roll,
Not necessarily for mercy,
Laughter rings,
Not always from heart,
Mixed emotion surfaces,
that's life's soy source.


  1. the story is based on a book,
    a girl is banned from crying by her mother,
    then she has lots of dry days without emotional letgo..

    some facts are real, mostly are fictional.

  2. i wonder why a mother can be that tough, and a child is forced to be strong as well.

    powerful story

  3. we do need soy source to be able to eat our meals in a good manner.

  4. the world is made of all kinds of people and color,
    we do face the challenge and conquer the fears inside so that we handle issues better.

  5. people try to find a way to feel happiness, that's natural.

  6. a beautiful composition on those lords who obtain technology and creativity.