Monday, February 16, 2015

Carol Moldaw or Ann Darr

carol moldaw is not ann darr,
carol doesn't agree with ann,
carol doesn't write what ann writes,
because carol is not ann as a poet.
I read what carol and ann write,
I read books of poetry,
I read room full poetry,
poems go vertical, horizontal, words blow like a whistle,
carol moldaw and ann darr
have their dreams collected in a sack,
grind-ed into flours, and rolled them
back and forth, baked into cup cakes,
swallowed by elementary school kids.
when carol and ann read a poem,
they consider at their own dream,
nobody like reading others,
unless the words written speak to them.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Christmas Lyrics in December

gifted by some flying sleighs,
i'd refuse to deny that how
flattered I feel.
the unspoken lemma of my math thesis
has proven to be a dough
that's workable
in shape and size.
a pool of blenched water.
it's Christmas lyrics in December
that hit me,
one plus Modern Google Switch.
Light blue spring jacket watch.
As 2014 turns its page,
we hop into 2015 digital age,
when I see a green leaf,
i know that snow has left for burning relief.

I feel good when I see an award tag for this blog, many thanks
and here, let's me put week 79 behind and nominate another poet
for week 80 perfect poet award, thanks for the attention,

 totomai  and Audrey Howitt Poetry, Alive and Well