Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yaya's Country Kitchen

assuming there is a yaya's cafe at Carney,
I find conoco and Dollar General,
on my way back,
I decide to stop by Yaya's country kitchen.
All clean,
Easter Art Drawing is what they mean,
Matt, Chris, a bible character is mentioned,
the pancake and hash brown are excellent.
Tryon post office is neat,
Iowa Oklahoma is upbeat,
Williams tomatoes look cute,
Perkins road shine like gold.
I hear noises and screaming sound at home then,
yet I let the river of people flee again,
A Larry Tony bridge will not stop the force,
Justin Roxanne shall walk in Barbara Bush's grace.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

the lamb's love

Hyde Park Poetry

it strives for pink,
sharp black-throned
momentary thrill.
it has transformed into
the tears of her sleep.
once she samples it,
once she adapts her small will
into an ambicious plan,
the whole world makes it headlines.
it has grown
all her fears under an unstoppable current.
silent and swollen,
it is a fresh rose
that one can admire its beauty,
yet none can afford
to fall for it
that may cost somebody.