Friday, April 24, 2015

Devon Classroom

Gaylord Thelma and Kim Devon,
Featuring Bennett-McClendon Great Hall,
A beautiful Edith Kinney Garden.
Jordan Tang medical research innovator honor roll,
An award winning Chickasaw Gallery.
Beyond Devon classroom,
Mat Hoffman, Greg Burns, Alden Hargis, Shannon Lucid rises...
Lots of Te Ata individualism.
Tulsa World Gallery,
Centennial Time Capsule,
Optimism, pioneer spirit, generosity combines.
fruit tray,
mix veggie salad plate,
a meal with nutri-witt deal...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

fruity delights cup of tea

watermelon-shark for serving sweet fruit delights

open mouth,
watermelon house,
go on red,
stop on green.
pineapple drink,
fruity delights cup of tea,
peach flowers smile pink,
harvest on yunnan darly fielf of green pea.
Sheppard helicopter,
Snapp iced stead punch,
Steve Wozniak apple computer basket shooter,
Baidu automatic language translator porch.
an oval shaped melon,
a dark eyed crocodile,
a down to earth metaphor,
fruits rule our inner body a big pile.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Eric Garcia Picks the Winner

far from Eastern horizon,
pops ocu lulu dot com, barns and noble, and amazon.
Jeff Bezos promotes books,
Bob Young gives Dawn Sallee pleasant nooks.
Musicians compete,
High school seniors are busy to graduate,
College admissions fight hard,
Job employments say No to budget cut.
University of Michigan honors Jefferson,
Ann Arbor is their city harbor,
Eric Garcia selects the winner,
Erica Sanders chooses beautiful high schooler.
Cellular is cute cell phone brand,
Sherri and Company sells mobile food,
A conductor makes decisions on music,
A president signs bills to secure a nation.