Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Green mountain Coffee and Aspen Quilting Arts

before mother's Day starts,
a truck driver delivers a flower pot,
that's a sweet sentence from Ashenux Moon,
a passionate memo from Stomusina Yuaang, is entertaining too.
Abbey, Chris, Patrick, Dave, Bruce, Sheilar, Mike, and Rod are visiting,
Shadow, Robert, Ken, Mark, Jack, Megan, Tyrek, James work for yellowrose stop,
David Tjie, Jim Edgar, Nathan Deal,  Joseph Quinn, Jerry Yang promote spicy chicken,
dig for strawberries, pear slices, carrots chunks, and New China buffets ...
News France from Jiat, Annio, Morton, Cori, Engler, Henry, and Michael,
from Princeton to Evanston, From Chicago to Austin, and from San Francisco to Honolulu,
I see people walk about Tom Lee, Gina Noble, Jade Wang, Jianying Xu, Li Gong,
Qiming Li, Qun E Feng, Chuanxian Peng, Jinping Xi, and Ran Ma,,,
glad that Burns Hargis, Scott Jackson, Eric Schmidt, David Schmidly, Lawrence Page
remain calm, seeing Pacific beach stay cool.
coffee cups come in big and small,
coffee beans are green plants from Backshell cafe, or Aspen coffee,
recall Charles Wilder and his fiddle,
let's lighten up and play Yuri and Sherri piano solo.