Monday, November 30, 2015

T is for Texas Roadhouse and Torrey Pines Beach

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T is for Texas Road house and Torrey Pines Beach

after halloween,
we land on thanksgiving 
life is heaven

when we take a vacation
and visit Texas Road House from Perkins,
also do sight seeing from Torrey Pines beach

the day is blue
when big ocean waves splash the shore
and remove those sands prints to invisible door

family meals by four
and thanksgiving night by pacific floor
do you think that you agree with Del Mar Al Gore

the sky is blue
when icy snow hits OKlahoma city roads,
and American airline conceals its flights

until next morning 6:30am,
and Tom, Jim, and Gina decide to reside Los Angeles
and obtain support from Concourse HYatt

that's not for all
until Cafe Bakery, Hudson Bookstores give us news
and Sammy's pizza warms us 

cold feet hit
when we open our Celia street door, discovering Black Lawrrence
and have a book to study poetry enterprise. 

today, tomorrow, typos,
all t words push us to freshens and pizza hut,
and sherri decides next valentine prize

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 Image result for torrey pines beach
Blue Monday - Family Meal

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

short story slam week 32, ABC Wednesday: Q is for quiz

  short story slam week 32: how about stories or experiences unexpected?


Q is for quiz questions of college algebra

{palm, figures, nails, hands, thumb, index figure,...}, 
that is a set of words defining math concept, SET,
{1, 2, 3, ...x, y, z), finite set,
{paper, pen, pencil sharpener, notebook, computer...}, infinite set
A={1, 3, 5, 7}
B={7, 3, 5, 1}
we conclude A=B, as a finite set of numbers,
If A={1, 2, 3}, B={3}, then B is included in A, B is a subset of A
if A={ }, then A is empty,
if A is the nations at north pole, than A is also empty,
empty set is a subset to itself, and to all finite or infinite set,
and we say the order of a set is the number of objects in it, A={5, 3, 9} has order 3.
math is hard,
math is cool,
when you study math and set,
you know the answers and the quiz question is: what is set? finite set? subset? empty set?

or what is the order of the set?

the set of shoes, socks, pants, which is finite here?