Tuesday, February 16, 2016

a kunming, Yunnan sheng relative's grace

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you don't know much about Kunming,
yet, you must know something about Wang Min

her mother is Guan,
Her father is Wuang

her school is Kunming University of Science and Technology,
that is where she falls in love with Peng Chuanxian

after graduation, Min decides to work,
while Chuanxian (shawn) decides to go to Beijing Jiaotong University

within two years, Chuanxian has a Master degree
and obtains a jib at Tie Si Yuan of Wuhan railway traffic and signal company

that is a good news
as Min obtains entrance admission from Yun nan University,

as information and technology authority,
Peng and Wang sense the pride of Kunming, Wuhan, and Beijing

they travel from Tianmen to Wuchang,
from Hanyang to Shijiazhuang,

they visit relative Chuanzhen Peng and Shihe Liu at Fangshan,
including Fuzhuang (Richmond Clothing) village, Wuchang Long river bridge

today, we celebrate the birth of Yuewan Peng,
a girl born in Kunming, residing in Wuhan, and immigrating to San Jose

let's say yes to the home of Guan and Wang,  Peng and Yan, Minow and Singer,
Peng and Wang, Xu and Ma, Shuai and Peng, Baskin and Minow, Kong and Peng,

don't wait for fame, Huiqin Yuan,
but, your opera is beautiful as you sings empty expectation and angry breath.

Image result for kunming university of science and technology ranking

Image result for kunming university of science and technology ranking

Distant relatives of Min Wang,  Mucun Guan, Ying Liu, Robert Panel Laurence

Trent Peng || Amy Jia
Shuicai Peng
Houyuan Peng

Houde Peng || Newton Sun
 HuoJun Peng
Rongrong Peng

Min Wang || Chuanxian Peng

      Yuewan Peng
      Moonie Wang
      Angelopolis Guan
      Owens Yan
      Alyssa  Jia
      Shannon Sun
      Mitchell Robinson