Friday, March 25, 2016

monday mellow yellow, friday my town shoot out, and my memory art

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smart in yellow and blue...

It is Wednesday,
City of Detroit will remove the trash bags away

early in the morning,
a rotten orange is mentioned, that is what Dale Owen say

An alternative perspective surfaces
It lifts up the withered energy in unexpected way

Dylan and Walgreen,
some go there for Japanese luxury at occasional day
Lucky Brand, Flynnaing,
Oklahoma city memorial marks dramatic change in 1993
half hanging flags 
Church street hosts lots of Charlotte Burkenstock tags

purple color is tender
Julio, Morty, Ann, Janet, Mimi, Alicia, Amy, Sheryl, and Jack weather

we don't think of others too many at times
unless we believe that it is neutral and benign

after I eat a bowl of cereal and a few juicy oranges
I decide to buy some golden delicious apples

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