Wednesday, March 9, 2016

short story slam week 40, my dream and her dream

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short story slam week 40: the wishes from dandelion flower or a lady bug (Mar 3--Mar 27, 2016)

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Fran and Earl Ziegler ar Ou smiles
because college of nursing from Norman is hot

Millennium slogan meets David Boren mindset,
John Simon Guggenheim Foundation bunts poetic themes

Monica Raye Simpson reads a lot of poems,
Jonathan Ruck and Chad Burrow plays instruments

Argan Lawson wins prize from drawing,
Camden Wamsley matches up with Hayley Houston clay

I don't know much about Dylan Moss,
I do embrace Layne Johnson, and Mindy Britt

Braxton Scott Noble votes for 2016 Vanderbilt University entry,
so does Alexis Holcom, Ruby Flowers, Matt McLean, and Hunter McDaniel

the sky is dark with doubtful clouds,
Kyle and Lyle says Mikayla Home, Chloe Griswold, and Laden Handcock

I sit,
i pray

I type
I agree

our vision is restricted with narrow window
but an external relation lightens up fire for Kaylen Munson, Faith Ashley

I blow bubbles,
I inhale and exhale air

i make blank stares
I do math to take square roots and cubic notes

Madison Trevino, Chandler Sarine, and Colby Moorman visit New York central park,
Zane Bailey, Morgan Hansen, Hannah Mullins, and Jill Moreno Wilson work on arts

Benjamin Ellis feels encouraged when madesyn kuehl, olivia hara quit sporting,
Senaca Smith opens a hotel at Alaska for Bailed Walter, Chaye Norton, and Mya Jackson

oops, matthew buttin and matthew schapiro scream
with dan little, Denley Lee, barbara perkins, and frank wang do visual screening  

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