Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Memory Art and story flash week 50

Black & White Wednesday ~ Safe Haven

Safe Haven
Swift and Snowden

Safe Shore
Hendrick and Murphy

Safe Landing
Liu and Peng, Wang and Rao, Zhu and Yu, Huang and Hong, Yuan and Lin, Guan and Yan

Safe Driving
Shihe and Chuanzhen

Safe Language
Mimi and Morton Owen

Safe Viewing
Brin and Wojcicki

Safe Google
Gilbert and Pichar

Safe Musician
Ella and Wilson, Wu and Peng, Kong and Yang, Zhang and Dong, Tian and Zhao

Safe Pruning
Yike Song / Maotou Yin, San Francisco and Florence Rome, Oxford Hillview and Brandon Conyers

Hounian and Simei, Yuer and Zhongqiang,
Jialiang and Wangying, Qiangjiao and Huiqing,

pagina and wejima,
justin and miele

Image result for shihe liu ucla
 Shihe Liu work as an Assistant Professor for UCLA at Los Angeles, CA.

Image result for chuanzhen peng  chuanwa peng, green tree production business advocacy

  Image result for chuanxian peng  Min Wang, northwestern university graduate student

Image result for chuanxian peng  Chuanxian Peng, Stevenson Michaelcruz police department manager

Image result for hounian peng simei yan, modern society fashion and style, cooking and confidence ceo

 Image result for hounian peng  Hounian Peng, KimberlyWest Middle school principal
 Image result for zhongqiang (tak) huang Zhongqiang Peng, statictis, analysis, and number theory faculty, Dallas, TX
Image result for zhongqiang (tak) huang  Yuer Yan, weaving, fiction in imagination and stylist, Fort Worth, TX

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