Monday, October 31, 2016

short story slam week 55, monday mellow yellow, bold stripes,

bold stripes...

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for many years, kids in our neighborhood come 
at Halloween night, asking for candies,
this year, the time is October 31, 2016, 
we have bought a few bags of candies and
carry quite a bit of ghosts holiday for a few weeks
so far, finally, it is about a few hours away
when the first child ghost knocks at our door,
showing his or her yellow teeth, and green
witch custom, which is a pleasant moment
because child ghosts performance is hot,
they have their parents around, saying hello,
and waving goodbye or thank yous

Happy Halloween
We are ready to have a small treat
regardless who comes!

be aware, skylar, kate, anne, chris, dana, tanya, bill, william, john, elenor, lindsay,
they used to travel and do trick or treat, so do Sheng, Tom, Sifan, Tuzo, Derek,
Eric, Lucas, Larry, Chelsea, Charlotte, Amelia, Joy, Stephan, Kathleen, Emily,
Samba, Maybelle, Princeton, Ash, Benji, Alison, Sheryl, Mark, Drew, Martha, 
Tyrek, Rebecca, Curt, Sarah, Sabrina, Henryetta, Hillford, Tom, Abbey, Ari, Lin

Halloween [Friday My Town Shoot Out]

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  Image result for halloween
shadowy street art...

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