Monday, December 19, 2016

short story slam week 59, Ruby Tuesday, Sunday Whirl, ...

in the window...

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Wordle 278 ~ A Baker’s Dozen 



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Couch potatoes
their eyes are  fixed with man made tic toc toes

Volume of colliding cushion oil
sticky but cleansed by Windex polish

no graveyard symbol,
no custody arguments

grinding machine
now and then, we vent

all perspectives work
all snowflakes melt

passing advent near hollywood
the small chick picks a red scarf to wear

lord Mark Parker and William Gates sing soft songs
beauty Sherry Kim, Priscilla Kim, and Chelsea Kim love Larry Gosney, Arzela Leming

ho ho ho
here comes a stocking and here comes a elf

when Lawrence Zhu and Anne Zhang agree,
Samba Diao and Frank Huang choose James Apple to vote
 frozen roads
 warm blanket covers the cold stare of north pole penguinns

shiny star
we love sing praises to Lord Alex, Fred, Donald, Alan,Curt, Paul, Ted, Michael, and Scott

forgive Julio and FRancis,
let Richard, Tiffany, Willa, Stella, Nick, Chris, Emily, Joy, Suh, George, Sherman, and Tom go
sea rock... 

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short story slam week 59, Wheat and Maixun, nature in life, december 15, 2016 to january 1, 2017 
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Advent [Friday My Town Shoot Out] 

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