Wednesday, May 24, 2017

how about mark zuckerberg, jonathan rosenberg, eric schmidt, and christopher clark?

mark zuckerberg
a facebook ceo
FacebookOnline social networking service
Facebook is an American for-profit corporation and online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California, United States.

sundai pichar and donald trump, do you agree that they shall support Matt Schapiro, Julia Watson,
Sheng Wu, Elena Murphy, and Alex Zhu?

like it or not,
Oilton and Silver city decide to enjoy Jack Daveport,
they remain nice and cool
even if the Bon fire is redone by Indie  Wallace and Missy Hargis

credits or non-credits
Morton Schapiro and Julio Ottino are serious,
they are firm about Facebook, Motorola, Warren's palace,
they also preserve opinions for Computer history through Dell, Gates, Jobs, Levono, and Apple

we intend to ignore your small invention
ignore big screen tv
ignore nicely printed stories
we prefer doing things for  "NERDS & UNKNOWNS"

here comes a name list,
which is random and true,
their fame is set on our home page
attracting some attention far, far away from George Bush, Millard Fillmore, and Martin Wilson Polk

Loran Zwelacker
Joyce Zoellner
Joe Zinn
Zhijun Zhao
Changan Yu
Sandra Young
Tom Yerby
Yallagadda Rao
Kyle Yahola
Shu Yan
Owen Wynn
Judy Wyant
Melody Wright
Craig Woods
Leon Wood
Alicia Wood
Justin Wolfe
Derek Wittman
James Wise
Jim Wirt
Laura Wilson
Rhonda Wilson
Marvin Wilson
Meggon Wilson
Samuel Wilmoth
Ted Cruz
Ted Williams
Mary Wiley
Quen Wilczek
Dana Witson
Norma White
Carrie West
Jill Westbrook
Raymond wheatley
Wilma Wehr
Abbey Wood
Ryan Kim
Loyd Vaughn
Joseph Vanek
Suresh Vaidyanathan
Chevrolet Vance
Kashen Urban
Daisey Ullrich
Tonya Turvey
Gene Turner
Pamela Tufford
Gladys Tillman
Frances Toomey
Chris Day
Chris Francisco
Aaron Thomas
Chas Taylor
Sheila Stark
Cherie Sneed
Alysa Smith
Corey Smith
Shelbi Schafer
mathhew samey
erin robinson
denny roger
gail roberts
sheear roberts
carlton riemer
jackie reynolds

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