Tuesday, May 2, 2017

short story slam week 67, pure lords, complex audience

Northwestern University,
John Evans Umbrella
Folks from Ayers Shephard speaks,
they admire Miranda Zhao, Grace Bushnell, and Sheng Wu

Yale University,
Sarah Constantin and Richard Yang vote for Xi Mingze,
echoes of confidence and PDE meetings rise,
we gather strength from Narmeen Khan, Diana Anaya, Hannah Froy

Brown University,
Emma Watson, Malia Obama, J. D. Henneberry, and Larry Page meet,
A rosemary poem is sent to Donald Trump and Bill Clinton,
Al Gore, Joseph Singer, Tova Yampolsky, David Ryan, Justin Connolly laugh at their own errors

Standford University,
Chelsea Clinton, Barbara Bush, Mark Tedder, Matt Chan, Holden Faber, and Elena Murphy join
the club of short story slam week 67,
Michael Camody, Skylar Zhang, Sophia Bollag, Camellie Benredjick, Amelia Wilson wink

Dartmouth College,
Phillip Hanlon and James Renamer ride on highspeed train,
from London tower bridge to new york brooklyn bridge,
J. K. Rowling, Emily Farris, Sally Asher, Mansi Gupta, Erin Quick, Kevin Minn join SGA

at the end of my day,
I let go of Sharyl Pickens and Samrufz Hillford,
I redo my program with the assistance of Linzy Wagner, Lauren Biglow, Abigail Watt,
how about forgive Erin Zuo, Venetian Peng, Arkar Hein, Alex Zhu, and Tyrek Young?

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